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red like smoke

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Ugo Chi
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born on a saturday. other stuff happened.


*waves at you*
academy of super-heroes, alan moore, attack meteorology, auto-induced priapism, batman, biofeedback, biological determinism, books, boondocks, brandon sanderson, camara laye, charles stross, charlie stross, chinedum richard ofoegbu, christopher priest, comics, comparative mythology, conclave of supervillains, cthulhutech, dollhouse, dresden files, ekrixiphilia, enlightened paranoia, eric s. nylund, fermi paradox, feudal japan, fictional informatics, food of any ethnicity, fringe, game of thrones, ghost in the shell, global frequency, goldeneye, grant morrison, hannibal tabu, hectowords, hideo kojima, iain m. banks, igbo, intelligence amplification, iron fist, iron man movie, james clavell, joe casey, jogging, john varley, logolepsy, magpie syndrome, matrioshka brains, matt fraction, matt fraction's casanova, memory palace, mike carey, mindmistress, mistborn, movies, mtcffultra, neal asher, neobsg, neon genesis evangelion, neurolinguistics, neurology, neuroscience, nextwave, nigeria, orion's arm, paul evan hughes, peter watts, planetary, polymathy, quantum physics, questioning everything, richard k. morgan, savantism, schlock mercenary, science fiction, shen kuei, shirley bassey, spacebattles, spartacus, speculative fiction, stylish hard fantasy, superpowered martial arts, the starlifter tribe, transhumanism, truly alien aliens, ubiquitous computing, vampires_on_a_motherfucking_spaceship, variable gravitas content, venture archaeology, vernor vinge, vision modes, warren ellis, webcomics, wildcats 3.0, wole soyinka, writing a novel, writing scifi, wuxia, xenomimetics

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